Maximize Employee Productivity And Mobility With IntelleSYNC

We live in a fast-paced, mobile world. How are your employees accessing and sharing files on the go?

IntelleSYNC-imgOne of the most important things you do in your business is sharing information, most of this in the form of files – pictures, spreadsheets and documents. The old way to share information is having a file server, a computer that everyone connects to and retrieve the documents they need when they need them.

The world has changed. Enter File Synchronization. This is a system that sends files on anyone’s authorized computer to a secure server in the cloud and keeps them up to date. When a change is made to a file by anyone it is synchronized back to that folder in the cloud and available to all authorized people.

File synchronization technology has made it possible for employees to access and share files from virtually anywhere. Unfortunately, the use of consumer-grade file sync services, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive, jeopardizes corporate data. The cost to organizations that mishandle data varies depending on the industry but in all cases it is significant.

The benefits of file synchronization technology are great, but consumer-grade file synchronization services are not appropriate for the workplace. Therefore, it is imperative that organizations adopt a business-grade file sync solution that is both easy to use and secure.

  • IntelleSYNC synchronizes corporate data, allowing users to access and share critical files and folders from their computers and mobile devices. With IntelleSYNC, users are able to work from virtually anywhere.
  • IntelleSYNC is full of features that make it easy for users to securely share and work with others. Users have various options for sharing with internal and external parties, can control the files and folders that they have shared, and set policies for the ways in which they are accessed. All of this combines to form an intuitive and seamless user experience.
  • Finally, IntelleSYNC gives administrators total control over their corporate data. A comprehensive dashboard, rich reporting, and granular controls makes it easy to manage an entire instance of IntelleSYNC. Coupled with military-grade encryption, custom or unlimited retention, remote wipes, continuous backups, and rapid restores, IntelleSYNC sets the standard for business grade file synchronization.


  • Business-grade file synchronization, enabling secure file access from any device
  • Tools so people in multiple locations can work on the same document in direct collaboration
  • Secure and easy sharing, empowering user collaboration
  • Backup and restore features, preventing data loss
  • Administrative features and integrations, delivering security and control
  • Military-grade encryption, exceeding industry standards