KML's Network assessments help organizations identify the structure and performance of their IT environment and resources. The result of this audit allows Technicians to generate a structured map of the existing environment and create a plan to help you meet your future technology objectives.

KML network assessments are ideal for:

  • Ensuring system reliability, performance, and integrity
  • Emerging and fast growing firms
  • Organizations concerned about security
  • Businesses with remote sites
  • Organizations in the financial and health care industries
  • Organizations that share and collect personal and/or proprietary data

KML network assessments are customized to your specific needs and review and analyze different subject areas including:

  • IT systems: hardware, software, and external services
  • People: internal and external IT resources
  • Processes: policies, procedures, and guidelines

Our analysis includes a review of your network and server equipment, scalability, performance, connectivity, backups, electronic communications such as e mail and instant messaging, software licensing, software patch management, portable computing devices, and many other areas.

Our services include a review of your packaged and custom software change management processes. We also review the employee handbook policies as it relates to the use of information systems, and related documentation. In addition to the IT infrastructure, our Work Plan includes interviews with IT, management, and key users to determine if there is an alignment or satisfaction issue with the IT department. Our deliverables include a report of our findings as well as recommendations, and a prioritized Action Plan.