KML Computer Services Is An Authorized
DriveSavers Reseller!

Have you lost access to business critical data? KML Computer Services, through a special agreement with DriveSavers Data Recovery Inc., can provide you with a fast, reliable and secure solution to your data loss problem at a special discounted price.

DriveSavers verifies their qualification to suport businesses and government agencies who must comply with data privaxy and security regulations by posting the results of their annual SAS 70 II audit report on their website.

DriveSavers is also an approved GSA contractor. Choose from a variety of services options, including enterprise-class recoveries, Forensics and High Security Service.

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Data Security Video

Protecting the security of your persoal and confidential data is our top priority. DriveSavers set the standards for data security in the data recovery industry. Watch this video to learn about their security protocols and why we use them to recover critical business data for our customers.

Hard Drive Simulator

Learn how a hard drive works and how it fails! DriverSave® simulates a working hard drive.. Click anywhere on the menu tabs to see (and hear) symptoms of today's most common drive failures. Have some fun... crash a hard drive! Get smart... learn important tips on how to prevent data loss.

Supplemental Materials
  • Capabilities PDF
    Learn about DriveSavers Data recovery service options and what sets them apart.
    View Capabilities Overview
  • DriveSavers Government Solutions
    Learn about DriveSavers "Defense-in-Depth" network architecutre and certified encryption experts.
    View Governmemnt Solutions
  • The Importance of Data Security During Data Recovery
    Data breach is possible anywhere critical data can be accessed. Find out how data is at risk during the recovery process and security protocols that should be adhered to by every data recovery service provider.
    Download White Paper