Holly Kornachuk Insurance Agency - M.I Office

Thank you for your services in getting phones and internet taken care of. I so appreciated the quality of work that John Meadows did for us. He went above and beyond to make sure things were arranged nicely for me. I wanted to give a “shout out” John’s way for being such a great help during my office move.

KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
C. Curtis Financial Group - M.I Office

I wanted to send along a note of thanks for the tremendous job your firm is doing at keeping our computers in top notch working order. Recently I was having trouble with a software program lagging terribly. I would go to clear something on the calendar within the program and would have to wait for up to 40 seconds for it to delete the item. Dan came in the next day and cleared everything up and now I can clear items lightning fast.

Just today, I was having trouble getting my printer to print and couldn’t figure out why. I called your tech Dan and 30 minutes later he was on the phone with me, tied into my desktop and had me working in no time.

I would highly recommend KML to any other firm. You are worth every penny. When out computers aren’t working we are losing money! Glad you are there to keep us running smooth and providing such quick help in emergencies.

KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Orthopedic Institute of Michigan - M.I Office

I have had the pleasure of working with KML for several years to protect our physicians and our practice. Since we have started working with KML we have been able to completely trust that our patient information is safe and protected.

KML and staff have proven themselves to be professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and extremely efficient. They have made our company feel very secure in their abilities to provide excellent services in a prompt manner. They are certainly a company that lives up to their words. Having a company that we can count on is equally as valuable as reducing cost.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend the KML Computer Services as an incredible asset to your own company. I have nothing but the utmost respect and gratitude for the staff. If you have the opportunity to work with this company, please trust that you will benefit from the time you invest with them.

Practice Manager
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Richmond Hill Oral Surgery - S.C Office

KML has proven to be the real experts in their field. They have employed technology that connects my two offices flawlessly, allowing us to maintain all aspects of our practice no matter the location.. We are very comfortable with KML watching over our IT environment and they have proven to be quick, courteous, and knowledgeable. Our patient data and documents are secure, backed up, and easily restored if need be. I highly recommend KML to anyone who is looking to take the worry out of dealing with computer issues and wants to concentrate at what they do best.

KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Brookside Properties - M.I Office

Why and how do you use KML? How did you find us or did we find you?

”My organization has worked with KML for years, starting long before I came to work here. KML provides services to all of our remote locations, our corporate location, and even the home offices of each of our owners. KML has worked with us cooperatively in a variety of manners – they have been responsive when we want to 'call the shots' and they have been proactive when they saw that we could take our business to the next level. They have always held our hand through troubleshooting PC, printer, phone, cable and internet problems and they have always given us step by step support when we step forward with our technology.”

Has there been a particular time KML has helped your business that you would like to reflect on now?

”For years KML proposed taking our company server to a cloud based system. With remote sites, we were constantly juggling data and losing or duplicating information. After a few changes in management and are more open-minded and forward thinking group internally, we finally took KML’s advice and are almost done going to the cloud. We have a good amount of organization to overcome ourselves, but KML has provided a transition that is comfortable and has also provided a method for us to follow regarding file organization.”

What is your favorite service or product that KML has to offer?

”KML responds to our 'fires' immediately and gives the extra time and effort to make sure we are always up and running. That’s priceless in business. Not to mention, we just enjoy having them in our offices and working with them!”

How would you rate your experience with KML thus far?

”I’d give KML 5 stars. We aren’t always the easiest client to work with and they still respond to us and each of our requests timely and effectively.”

HR Manager
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Thomas Brady & Associates – Boston, MA Office

“KML has been with us from the day we opened our business 11 years ago.”

“I was struggling with having 5 locations that I needed access to and Mark made this so easy for me. I don’t know that we could find just any other IT company that could handle our Multi-City offices as seamlessly as KML has.”

“Our recent move in Boston was stressful enough and I didn’t need one more thing to worry about. Luckily, KML came in over the weekend and moved everything from one office to the other with no issues. I came in Monday morning to business as usual. I couldn’t ask for more.”

KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Engel & Völkers – S.C Office

What is your favorite offering or service that KML provides?

“Paper Space, it puts my desktop directly in the cloud so I can access it from anywhere using any device.”

“I am so happy with the work they have done and using Paper Space because it keeps my workflow consistent and accessible at all times.”

Leah proudly stated, “KML is cost effective and most of all, they make things so simple. I would recommend that any business professional look to KML for innovative IT solutions. I am very impressed by the responsiveness KML provides for all of our business technology needs.”

KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Fabco – M.I Office

“Chip and the KML team have an enormous amount of I/T knowledge, as well as historical insight and the ability to respond very quickly and collaboratively. High quality service with quick response time is of the utmost importance to us as we are a small I/T group operating on a tight budget.”

“A new favorite service that KML provides directly is Screen Connect (providing remote login to computers), as it boot quickly and really saves time with users.  The Connect Wise ticketing system also allows anyone to seamlessly and easily submit an incident and log a trouble ticket and get a response quickly. Escalation and e-copy functions are automatic. Normal turn-around time is quick and most issues are resolved on the first call (FCR).”

I also find the IntelleSYNC (Trademark) product to be cost effective and easy to use for file sharing and an FTP, secured replacement program. Fabco is ITAR compliant and cannot be hosted on a public facing hosted platform.  We are constrained to the USA for proximity of all data and servers, so,IntelleSYNC offers a perfect cloud hosted solution costing significantly 10 times less than some alternative options such as SharePoint or Office 365.

Dave, how would you rate KML?

“I would rate KML a 10, no question”.

Dave also stated that a normal IT budget in his industry is about 5-6% of gross sales revenues, but using the KML services, we are able to operate at half the industry normal rate. “Using KML instead of having our own in house help desk and infrastructure resources has saved Fabco many thousands of dollars over the years”.

Senior Information Technology Manager
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Biotech Clinical Laboratories

I spoke to Dawn Scrivo, Quality Coordinator/Lab Administrator at Biotech Clinical Laboratories. I was absolutely elated after hearing the lovely comments she made about KML and the KML team members. She seems to really “get us” and we connected over our mutual love for the companies we each work for.

Dawn told me that years and years ago, they found us. “Biotech’s lab system scouted out experienced professionals and KML Computer Services had what it took and so the Biotech/KML relationship began.

“As our technology grew the need for IT services grew, therefore the need for KML Computer Services became much more frequent. We eventually grew so much that we needed someone onsite full-time so we hired an onsite IT assistant and began using KML for large projects, support, and backup.”

“We really enjoy working with KML largely because they know our business inside and out. They followed us while we grew.”

“KML has been quick to educate all of us at Biotech when asked. There is no fear of us becoming too self-reliant. They even educated our on-site IT guy and helped him out quite a bit when he was getting started. This is just something they do and it is the relationship we have. I find this very valuable.”

Has there been a particular time KML has helped your business that you would like to reflect on now?

“Most recent was creating a patient portal that provides patients access to lab reports. It was a big project that filled 2 very large needs. One, was to meet compliance and two would be to save our company a lot of time because we were filling everything out ourselves on paper. “

What was your favorite service or product that KML has to offer?

“Email support tickets because of its convenience. The second thing would be that I know everyone at the company. Every time I speak to someone there I don’t need to explain who I am, our technology or our business. They all know who we are and we know them. It is a great feeling. KML has had all of the same people for years and years and we value that very much.”

Dawn Scrivo- I noticed that KML employee turnover is almost non-existent, it must be a great place to work, huh?

Kellie, Marketing Coordinator at KML- “Aw. Thank you for noticing. Yes, it really is the best place I have ever worked.”

Dawn and I agreed that both Biotech and KML share very similar values in this is reflective I the way both companies treat their employees.

How would you rate your experience with KML thus far? “Excellent. 5 stars!!”

Quality Coordinator/Lab Administrator
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
C. Curtis Financial Group

“KML keeps our computers up and running.”

I was lucky enough to snag Mike for quick chat about his thoughts on KML. Mike told me that he has very much enjoyed being an IntelleMANAGE customer of KML’s. His favorite thing about IntelleMANAGE is the scheduled visits from the techs. He likes that over the course of a month the whole office can compile a list of little annoying issues or concerns that may not be pressing enough to make a ticket for. However, when Mike Vatamaniuc, a KML Network Technician, stops by he knows he can hand him that list and it will all get taken care of.

“KML has helped our office numerous times but most recently, we had bad storms that caused several outages and KML quickly had us back up running.”

“My experience with KML thus far has been extremely good.”

“I give KML 5 stars!”

Chief Operating Officer
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars
Di-Coat Corporation

How and why do you use KML?

“We use them for all of our IT needs. They know more than I do about IT and are very helpful. I never expect perfection but when something goes wrong KML takes care of it right away.”

“KML pays attention. Once, Mark called me and said something had happened and I needed to go restart something and he even reminded me (over the phone) of where it was at my office.”

Has there been a particular time KML has helped your business that you would like to reflect on now?

“There was a fire back in 2010. Luckily, we had got on board with KML before this happened so our data was saved. I remember them being in a big hurry to have us up and running again. KML’s owner Chip Lynch gave us the name of a great fire alarm company and then even offered to get on the roof and help me fix the leaks over the weekend.”

What is your favorite service or product that KML has to offer?

The thing I think of most is whenever we have a problem we just call you guys and you guys deal with it. Not us. Also, they take care of our backups. Forever ago before KML, we used to have to take home our back up and remember to plug it in in the morning. It was a nightmare. Now we don’t ever worry about it.

Why would you recommend us to someone else?

“Because KML does what they say they will do. The owners are personally involved. It has always been way more than a financial agreement with KML… It is personal.”

Vice President
KML Computer Services
5 / 5 stars

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