KML Computer Services was founded in 2004 on the premise that all work would be done to industry standards and the quality of that work would not be compromised – no half measures. “Whatever it takes” is our motto when it comes to servicing clients. KML continues that work to this day growing from the original two man partnership to a company with both a technical and non-technical staff.

Founded originally in Northville, Michigan, the firm has expanded their business to encompass most areas of Lower Michigan and surrounding areas. In 2010 KML opened an office in Hilton Head, South Carolina and now also serves that area of South Carolina and nearby Georgia. Over the years KML has relieved many clients of technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their business and realizing their business goals.


KML’s unique approach to the use of computers in business is our focus on the client’s business needs rather than the technology – we believe that business goals drive technology, not the other way around. KML always ensures that introducing any new technology to a client will further the business goals before recommending any particular past. At KML we keep it as simple and effective as possible.

KML is also unique in that we are expert and experienced in both server/network technology as well as telephone/telephony technology. Many firms are one or the other but not both. This means that we can advise clients on both their data and voice networks and how they interact today, especially in light of the interaction between them in today’s VoIP telephone systems.

KML offers fixed fee support plans for all services: computer and telephone system support, email hosting, and disaster planning and recovery. This way the client is not burdened with the decision of whether or not to call to address an issue, it is covered.

Computers and Networks

KML concentrates its efforts taking care of small business IT needs. This means maintaining the servers, workstations, networks and accompanying equipment in the IT environment. KML strives to ensure the stability of our client’s IT environment and ensuring that the technology is serving the business and not the other way around. To do these tasks efficiently KML adheres to strict, standard, automated procedures to ensure that the needed work is accomplished in a timely manner. KML also provides its clients a formal, written Service Level Agreement (SLA) so that clients can be assured of prompt, professional service based on the priority of the issues raised.

KML also uses automation within the client network to notify KML of any issues as they arise so that issues may be addressed as soon as discovered by the software and not be wholly dependent on the client discovering them.


KML also markets and services the Unified Communications telephone system from Digium Corporation called Switchvox. Since at its core it is software on a computer platform, this system fits into our core expertise very well. We have a large number of very happy clients that use this robust and affordable system.


KML ensures that each member of the staff is certified in their areas of specialty whether IBM, Microsoft, Digium or any other discipline and are supervised by experienced masters of the technology.

KML is Business partners with Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Digium, Fortinet, and Netgear to name a few. We take these commitments seriously and strive to be certified at the highest levels of expertise based on each individual’s experience.

Other companies may try to sell technology for technology’s sake, but it is KML’s core belief that technology is unimportant until we understand how the client does business. That way we can have the client invest only in the technology that makes sense for them and not needless bell and whistles.


The KML team of experts provides unbeatable solutions to meet the growing technological demands of a diverse business community. We understand the importance of personalizing our approach to best fulfill your specific needs while working efficiently and within budget. Learning how clients interact with technology is KML’s number one priority. KML is committed to properly providing an effective solution to fit client needs.

KML Computer Services’ actions are focused on providing the business tools that clients need to compete and providing affordable technology designs based on client business requirements. Our technology solutions cut costs and put your company in a position to prosper.